maanantai 18. huhtikuuta 2016


Night already evaporates, and the morning
rain clouds in the sky position,
the city's harbor stagnant water
thoughts of the old dead
the love of position.
Quite a long time ago breakers
wings of man, and the flight
like a knife cutting a halt
failure. The world created
a child dies faith,
and soon arrives at the arc of life
creating a moment to dawn.
I have been a child of the Finnish,
and so in love with Lapland
as well as in Karelia. I still feel
how to try to root groundfrost
break. My fruits threads now
Minute gray glows
fabric on the tree of life. inside of me
sad heart beats
it is a moment moves
is like a warm gold.
Now I'm just a lonely man
right on, and I feel inside of me
the pain of joint cartilage,
as well as the effort. Yet, I still
today I do not humble themselves break
inside me the feeling of glee
I wish you dig lovers
new beautiful morning.
You are all a part of me,
which need to be close to the heart.
Today I shed no tears.

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