sunnuntai 3. huhtikuuta 2016

Sinful song

The country was a Sinful Song
asps childbirth tree of evil toy.
Loneliness called an ancestor
Eve's lap. Emptiness cried
life inside it, the stars of the mirror
which reflects gaze.
Initial floated in the ocean malice
under the moonlight, all
decision-making have the power of the Creator
God of eternity.
Then somewhere in the atom was beating
hidden in the root of life.
Time was written in the books
The future of all, even the Great Wall of China.
One of the only beginning of the words just
cried out to God: create a language
that all understand.
Create a language recite, singers,
creates a minstrel, and Finland's country,
where the swans cumulus clouds ride.

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