keskiviikko 20. huhtikuuta 2016

Crazy spring

I pour routine, in front of the barbed wire fences pour.
I still remember the black and Bob's Games
Sarah's silk. The world begins to ride roughshod over stubborn
red-necks will increase your shoulders
unnecessary burden.
Morning wake up the people of Finland
waiting for the sun in the sky collect.
I am the life of boxing in the ring again,
I look forward to 'stunning new batch.
Internal bitch can still remember the asshole,
and shrapnel again gather around.
Hey baby, we love died yesterday
from where the grave pit have you?
Today, a new passing and drawbacks
the world's eyes are closed momentarily.
For open eyes is not here long
time will not last one. Still here
Minute crazy April hooting.
I do not go anywhere just today
I do not say to do. The morning sky today
Bi sleet, and my heart face book
your time on the segment will soon dash away.
Inside glows with a low carbon, it
there is hidden a large pile of ash
Below you can just blow it.
Now is crazy spring, to overthrow the government
stupid law of the suggestions in this country.
Good morning to you, I Finland
I wish the morning a poem.

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