tiistai 1. marraskuuta 2016

Mr. November

Mr. November, squeeze your hand,
gristle in your hand, and feel the bones.
I think the memories
last leaves of autumn colors.
Take a deep sigh, everywhere Mr. November,
darkness invites me into his arms.
Silver on the shoulders of the night throwing,
it's time for winter travel in the lap.
The nights are already black velvet,
He was not hero material.
He always spoke only of consideration for non-response.
I dream might be a new future.
glow in the darkening sky,
boundless love, a sense of each man,
longing for my skin oozing with sweat.

The silence of the night, you will taste a sample of my eyes.
Atmosphere, Pathfinders, sniffed the air.
Maybe I'm alive to its small current again,
I am the invisible silent woman.
I this adventure spirit of the Ninth
I lose. Instantly here, for a moment firmly in life.
One moment alive again, ailing flame inside me is smoking,
I open it if you can blaze the flame blows?

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