sunnuntai 20. marraskuuta 2016

Love is too often difficult

Madness red wine
I will wash the head
less than a tidal wave of love
ice. We alternately
how to cry
we love each other,
and too often our feelings
sweep under the carpet.
You're still a young man
you broke your childhood
cornerstone of your life.
I will go by your side,
and I'll take it all
you secretly parting
You are
forever my man,
soul mate case
when you know what it is
happiness, and life.
Our love is too much
in the air, still tomorrow
I am with you to your wheat.
Always leave the door ajar
it is for it, if
you will find the road toward you so
then you are ready for my
with life.
In the meantime, we love
quite separate from each other.
I so would like,
that came from someone hell
a strong man, not fear
I love this
writing gramophone needle
vaccinated magpie.

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