perjantai 11. marraskuuta 2016

Lost vibe

I find again its lost
vibe, the Phoenix-bird's molten
delicate touch. I want to
feel the bowl of warm moist
eternity sustainable of love the night.
I will sing arias of nirvana
When opening the gate springboard
bottomless climax.
He's the prince to change the format
spine posture does not
every man should hold together.
All thoughts of the wise are
Lost in the world. I remember
yet my fingers turning
their hair. I was then as
Beauty in bloom, still glow
dry flower by law. I live in a hectic
a moment away from the devil's paradise
right in other countries. time will
to stand against the wall, where there is
Now the summer, where the morning dew?
I am weary of it, when the men
are no longer iron, they are
just plain pig canned bovine meat and overweight
too young bear near the tomb.

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