keskiviikko 2. marraskuuta 2016

Hell's court

Hell's court are the hinges
remain closed doors there
flow is too busy
paradise snake there
biting the ankle discomfort.
There blaze with anger, and the words of the thunder
The devil whip bearded man.
Human Skin whip marks
burning, I got a tattoo
glowing pitchforks ankle
the devil still for a moment even ridicule.
Today I'm his fiery
angriest, inside the human
I lost my peace of serenity
soul full of rubbed salt in the wounds.
Pain is the only reliable man
friend. Today I froze
a pillar of salt desert,
has not kept other human destiny
parts, nothing else will feel like anything.
Life has no outstanding
the theater page sections, and
too small role in an ensemble formulas.

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