tiistai 14. kesäkuuta 2016

Pandemonium digit number of ecstasy

Man sitting on the club is looking for light
leaders, a number of Amish ensued book
in the throes of songs sings.
Knows to be a human,
fragile but for a moment balanced.
No, he will not be time for abhorrence.
Bony cavities head
Time is inundated with longing.

How to endure this
capricious weather.
Heaven who come again
receiving water to pour down?
Sometimes, some genius sleeps
less than a number of psalms get lost in trance
Time to lead astray.

The rain disappears off again,
sky and the curtain opens
Paragraph Phoenix Bird is back in ash,
and the creation of a new world
expect a great man.

Dirty beauty prisoner
is a country with a herd of centaurs
trampling the grass in place.
Of devils whip back
human. The dark night hours
require sacrifice caves of darkness,
gold chair dictators
in front of the crowd will be crowned.
The sweetest laughter laugh
a poor beggar, he
sees everything like a child
a wise man of truth.

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