perjantai 24. kesäkuuta 2016

Happy midsummer

What can I tell you about my life
what's new, I would like to teach the evil of
take into hiding around the corner
All unnecessary to stop the lies.
Hello friend I write to you
a letter to an old-fashioned again
after years. Can you hear again
how someone alongside you strike
when there is a moment of silence,
when there is a bright white nights Midsummer Night?
Then there was once a small moment when
without words we spoke to each other
hips caressed arc second
webs, we felt a burning love
and intoxicating lust.
  Then to top
maybe we got a new life
the applicants are the daughters of Eve's genes
for a new bright future.

The world must not only be
a place of evil to grow roots,
sow love that
chain, starting with the new generations
loop may continue.

Happy Midsummer to all of you
I wish you to be the only one
a person or a large group of people
which is an ode to midsummer must read.

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