lauantai 21. toukokuuta 2016

Like Swan Song

The air is once again the scents of thousands of summers
I think the sounds of birds and the eyes
I can see how the swan is loyal to its own pair.
and will return again to Finland again the hives.
Longing arch of the bridge is able to build
I no longer have the kind of heart
who finds the hidden love.
Behind Tomorrow is
the same day another wonderful.
Today the brain melancholy
megaphone screaming that
I would hear it better.

My home is the place where the
time wandering the clock rate,
people like a mantra to repeat
why do not you be able to love.
The Creator created the lemmings
sets of wandering from place to place.
In my heart it's like
refugee camp
barter feelings are there.
Sometimes it does not seem like barbed wire spikes
do not appear in the eyes.
I love you sometimes,
too soon again the anger of blood red
painting the landscape of the soul.
Lap of black soil too
many love I have already
have had to bear.
Love is like feeling the pain
where do I get over it.
I love you but I hate or
I love junk thoughts
freezer again.

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