sunnuntai 1. toukokuuta 2016

Happy first of May

Storm fears in March
wind foam heads of the sea
ride. Male sea
can hear the sirens
song too treacherous
is the weather. crazy April
May the moon already changed
On the eve of May Day was shining
us beautifully sunny.
Happy May Day to you
I wish is early
morning. point yet
maybe I fall asleep again.
Tomorrow will bring again
a new opportunity
at night my sleep was beautiful
69 Eyes Jussi it
I loved. so dreams
to patch up paint
beautiful as this
dull numbing
life. On May
The first steps here
the world passes staggering.
Small-sized troubles
sorrows feet of ice.
For a moment I do not feel sad
May Day wobble Square
like a duck hips
rocking. I agree with
people into the joy of May Day whisks
waving. Happy first of May
echoes of the wind in the air

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