maanantai 18. heinäkuuta 2016

Summer Night

As such, the night of July
I did not want to go to bed
The last of the sun's radius
dance sky and the ground.
Wildly past memories
over the rolling flood.
I am still inside me
pulsating volcano vibrating vulva.
At times into hibernation
sinks into the world, and sometimes
fire lights up in March, as well as the air.

Beautiful period wrapped
After the memories
foil. I am
confused from too much thinking,
shake-free toes
After Ilosaari wind.
So we danced to rock music Karelian
among the guests. reaches the
I sit for a moment in August when
at the foot of an apple tree mold
between your toes.

Inside shout of love
Hunger is tired of years
torment. Sometimes common sense beats
empty, and at times I
ready for the battle of life
to give up. In August, maybe
I am a mature grain, and
bend into the blade of grass much
your lap quietly.

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