torstai 7. heinäkuuta 2016


In stone in the ruins of sleep whip snakes
what is the failure of all
the consequences of, and the reasons ??
For me, something strange
from the past
up to bury you pick up at the sky
the airship for a moment I forget
all the pain and discomfort.
When we are together
when my wings strong stand
I get up close to Nirvana
beach heaven. I am the mother of the beginning
like Eve, I can find
in your arms bliss. Same
ardor to find us even more
as if yesterday you sylisi
I stayed a prisoner. you're getting older
way too early, I
still glow of the lava hips
burn it to a curse I feel.
The same mantra when hoen
in the morning the burden of despair
my shoulders feeling.

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