tiistai 5. heinäkuuta 2016


The moment you step into the room
I feel burning gaze.
The air turns to fire, and separated
when you return to you
as the foam of the sea of gray.
Unfortunately, nailing the cross
the woman, the most beautiful one
if you give so can not evaporate
mute off. Then
not the heart to be broken you.
The scent of the past
receives the stigmata of pain again
leak. the torment of the soul
tedious, time heart pain
carry. All out of luck
lost the light goes out,
the wind turned cold
I drink the bitter cup
life too much kicking again.
How did I can bear
I can bear the pain of it
which ballast is human.
Longing is bondage again
not comforting in any light
showing a man inside
It is a dark tunnel.

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