tiistai 21. maaliskuuta 2017

I picture

Afterglow limped
from under the night.
Already arrived in a new message
space from the window,
is sung by a heavenly
It's pride, the great troll
did not agree to its beauty
to hear.
He closed his ears,
loved darkness more.
Leprechaun law,
was doomed to darkness
I fairies family
I guess I was born into the world.
I opened the window,
which belongs to the song of the nightingale.
The sensor of the world,
I grabbed firmly
the wrong door.
What happens inside the art,
tomorrow is the beginning of
pain, as well as a beautiful creation.
Juice served to me ice lollies,
cumulus cloud over the sky.
Where is the place of rest,
and say a gift from God,
or Satan.
I was Molla moonlight,
Cinnamon girl or a blender,
not writing this gift
can deprive me off.
It works, heat and cold.

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