keskiviikko 1. maaliskuuta 2017


In the middle of the night
the moon in September
beautiful shining brightly,
and wild dancing in the stars
in the sky. Then we were
we, and wrote my name
the barn wall.
You spilled my body the barn
wild to forage, and swings
the world's rotation rate.
Then was the moment when the
I believed in the power of love.
The time is out, should not be
back, to live only in memories.
Yet sometimes, when I travel with you
the parks, the moon dance stars
bows, and frost my hair
the crown lend. Then
I whisper your name, and
I hope to stop time
to the moment to stay with you
let me?
Time is stale open
a bottle of wine by law, yet we
sailed in the summer
visit the lands. summer wine
got the taste of cherry, now
is August, already in autumn the veils
swinging in the air. Paragraph
is September, with a circle
rotates in the crooked
and fate.

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