keskiviikko 15. maaliskuuta 2017

A poem like a wild wine

I would like to hand over already
the water surface to press the head,
Father and to feel the beginning of the sea
how it pulls inside
man out of life.
It is only after a noise,
and arcs over the years,
and I feel the numbing
a rocking motion
Mother of the amniotic fluid?
Does not want any more of this time,
when the pain nerves pounds
to catch the cross on Calvary's tree
reminiscent of illusion.
Cause and effect what is karma
the human erroneous.
Not our way here
Eden did not go through paradise
rose gardens. pain and
but the pain and tears
is informed of tree seeds
a large increase.
Study pours it into a ditch
human genius-like,
and stupidity barrel
swells. News threshold
for the people will fall,
and Gentlemens as fools
beard laughing.
Humanity is a moment
Urpo but one that
Gas feet stomping,
and pee head rises,
when he presents turbo
supercharger. some will
it is a secret movement
 this poem
yet I write quite a bit.
After that, they will come
penalty for the filer, and quiet
they may just as well as the end point.

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