keskiviikko 5. huhtikuuta 2017

Sad news

In the evening I went to bed sad,
 asleep, I began to hear a song
beautiful man's voice.
A broken heart when you're crying
remember you can hear my voice, I sing
you comforting.
Those memories of decades,
 rockabilly music with rock, blues, favoring.
 It was the re-vintage clothes the same design.
Bring me those
Years back again.
My heart is the home of friendship,
 love unlimited yearning.
The heart sometimes bends bends.
After many years, I found again
crying how true.
That was the moment when I heard the sad news
 Pate told me that.
Sometimes someone unpredictable thing can
 never hurt more than anyone realizes.
I want to sleep at night again that
the singing voice of a man,
it can only be comforted.
Inside story of many common position
 that have arisen over the years.
 Too many beautiful memories,
Today they are like a heavy stone on top of the heart.
When a broken heart is crying
I look forward to the current time,
 and for some while to grow a seed of joy.

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