lauantai 4. helmikuuta 2017

Tankeros Love country

It is over loyalty
Run your brother's friend
you already visit on the heels of
and the light of reason
his eyes showing.
Brother has risen brother
Against sister runs
escape with the children.
There is Humppila
Trump land, and places
which hopes to find
burning eyed friend.
Arriving Saturday, and
child day lollipop candy
in honor of his mouth got.
Let battle commence windmills
the Wild Willy & Big deal
Riding on again as soon as June is.
A woman gets beaten when rockabilly
the dress as the Queen of position again.
The man and the jealous mind, it is not
ideological direction of a new one. Where is
The future of a lonely hermit?
Finland is Tankeros Love country.
chaos as the mother of the cancer
breast nodules grow.
Big dreams as Ganster
at six o'clock in the morning
quietly crept into the writer's brain.
He feels a strange world
of spin, not as a man of Mikkeli.
After Saturday Comes Again
Sunday is moving
end point, say a friend
that you remember me like this
under the philosophy.

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