torstai 2. helmikuuta 2017

Hullabaloo (poem Thursday's challenge)

It was the kind of February
razzmatazz and I bowline
morning I woke up yawning
Speech vessels of the mouth of the very wide-open.
Inside the man lived in a small
become as sounding modules but.
I wish my grandpa,
which would be fine polished samovar
as well as an island with a hermit hut.
Hui hai quite a hullabaloo I can not take any
crazy chatter pack sorrows only
receive a call nature's own symphony.
I sometimes lost control of reason
still I do not want the ship in Tallinn.
The only sounds are nature's own
I do not want to hear any sounds,
that feels like my skull crack.
February razzmatazz of its own
I listen to the wind in the trees to dance
coldness seems skull
as well as in closed cells. America
call crazy trumpet trump Trump
there telephone wires are hot
Trump Trump is the day swear word.

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