lauantai 11. helmikuuta 2017

Mother Earth's daughter

Guest, casual and familiar, or celebration jerkin. 
Dreaming of Queen of the World 
waiting for the next frogs, 
which could kiss in front of the prince charming. 
How to Eden East ,will grow only 
the envy of strong wood. 
They are seeds of the mother of the bust 
drops, the growing generation 
the heart driven by a strong 
viper venom.

I hope, and I'm looking for until the front 
a thick impenetrable wall. 
Dead-end striking the brow bone. 
The author of thick plate around 
build, it beats even the worst 
storm cloud, 
portion in which the mother earth always gets. 
I say to my side, I 
tooth and nail to catch. 
Memories fade over time, 
still my soul to the big screen, 
always reflected in the past 
the same beloved images.

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