lauantai 10. syyskuuta 2022

Love me yet

 Love me yet

Love yet, when the time is black the blackest,it 

gets dark early in the evening and into the arms of the night.

Love yet, the granules in the winter

angrily hit the window boxes.

Do not be the voice of reason in the dark,

I'm looking for a blind myself in here.

Let's go into the dark alone,

under the covers, cool lacquer less.

Carry me there with you I'll stay.

Your are to me is the rightman

I need you now.

You be it a unique,

the faces once in a lifetime.

In your arms i forget  badthings.

If your name in my heart

tattooed inside of me i am never alone.

I once heard an invitation to a twin soul,

It is a unique of this life,you are

the other half of my soul, I love you.

So I will follow you to the moon or on the sun,

or waves on the sea of white.

You are my sea

you are my light @ tanninen satu 10.9.2022

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