torstai 22. maaliskuuta 2018


Urge for something mandatory
in the traffic lights, the point is again accelerating
speedometer soon 58 kilometers
per hour. I remember in my imagination
the vamps of the parading light in front of me glitter
section of motorway ramps.
There is no time to slow down the rush continues
the world's all-inclusive hotel campuses.
The heart of Helsinki is the leap of the years
I miss only the king of the lyric.
World Theater Stages,
time to thank the years of power
black and white
life's puppet's cheeks.
The author's birthday night
wakes up before two in the early hours.
The heart in the throat strikes the lyric chimes
up, please sign up for life
Year Dominate Now Sofia Tani.
Descendant of Italian vineyards
the queen of genes persecuted by the Mafia.
Your glass is half-full of nectar of life.
The years will come after you, the cup
you drink the last drop of glass.
Until the last breath
as a burden of the burden of life
you hate or love life mercilessly.

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