lauantai 9. syyskuuta 2017

Journey to the heart of autumn

Oh my love of life
within broken fragments within you.
Narcissists are generated from breakouts
people. Our world
a snake hanging in September
around my ankle
to travel to the heart of autumn I get.
I wake up in the morning too distressing,
I slept for a long time like that
I feel the rose on my skin
weight decades.
In my heart, the heart is still young
burns the unlucky cat lazy.
With the ruins of love
a creeping pile of karma
there is coal.
Time travel is too easy
travel inside out
love or philosophy wisdom.
Who cooks me for lonely
in the most mundane mornings?
I'll bother again in horror
I see a dream about how the arms
the information around me, and the comfort
the broken heart then gets.
Time with the storm
fall into the heart of the rides.

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