lauantai 30. toukokuuta 2015


Yo-yo The weather girl Joensuu, there still invites you to a summer breeze?
I song I made to you, to sing alone I did.

The wind will whisper your name when you are traveling alone in the square ramp.
You have traveled here for years, always in any weather.
Sometimes you were gone for a while, I agreed meeting will be with the park.
Will you have song words full of life,
in fact, I no longer any joy in wheat.

Yo-yo The weather girl Joensuu, there still you summer toy invites?
Red hair in the wind, always with a smile than Madonna.
We meet today under the bike path bridge?

Longed for you the most cherished long time it's been since you were completely unhappy.
Some of the few of you remember Norssi times.

YO-YO what I vocals do I do? what  The driver always lives against the wind; Cloudy with a smile, even though I do not see the reason.
Just say yeah yeah YO-YO... yeah ... yeah  feet gas transported, looking for a place better.
Will large boulder, hidden evil in the world

Again, the storm wind rang and sky lightning, and you can get peace.
You will always carry away the evil world, you are looking for the giver of peace.
It is a brave prince, who fell far short years the.
To drive a rally car, rally the world to live, a great cloud of dust a.
Heart does not rest, when looking for the same courageous prince, who eskord carry ...?

Just say yeah yeah yeah yeah .. already -As if sometimes encountered., And feet gas transported,
do you want a great cloud of dust a, to meet Prince bold ...