perjantai 8. toukokuuta 2015

Joensuu morning

Lights for lights Joensuu
Up until morning.
Shadows of the night the morning is lost,
love you always in my chest.
The love poems,
the songs I write.
Love life,
I the night sleeping in the shadows
I want to love.

Joensuu, so much the mark,
birth town,
beautiful, cheerful.
In the face of beauty,
when a new morning comes,
even icy trees
They love to be able always to call.

Meet one of these,
Friends of the weak ends.
Crazy throughout the day,
laughter, joys not
worries for the rest.
Joensuu is the here and now
March looking for.

Karelia crazy people,
glad now and forever
Posture noble,
the most perfect posture,
I wake up today
very early.
In his hometown poem
I write.

I love the snow white,
summer nights, Ilosaari season in backwards.
I love one of these friends,
a monitor somewhere beyond.
I love the wrenching pain,
I love the summer night mist.
Rock The people who
at the summer here
I love for so long,
as my time in the world
try out.