sunnuntai 1. tammikuuta 2017

The first day of January

Morning draws a lottery ticket the day
tense mood writer
from the point of Finland's land
bathed in frost Theory
the sharp frosty weather
and I feel how cold
encircle the love of the hills,
freezes the mind field.
Who tomorrow restless
a woman loves, without
ulterior motives tenderly hugging.
Now is the beginning of january
and how the world is waiting
New Year may begin.
I own mad fun
felt boots, the leg
during the cold winter I put on,
and lightly distance friend
creates will break. Within the heart
I know how it feels to be
lonely man
Among the visitors' right.
Where do I go traveling distance
I get to hear the admiring words
what a beautiful woman she is.
No flattery a woman's heart to comfort
because the darkness is the only friend
who sincerely return to me.
January black cup
I raise my lips, and the new
I wish you a good year.