tiistai 17. tammikuuta 2017

Life in

I got tired to speak a foreign language.
It did not make any sense.
Rang in my mouth the words of Finnish poignantly.
Had to return back home.
So I citizen of the world,
I got my identity back again.
It was filled with a sense of feeling.

I back pocket of years after
its a beautiful day butterfly Katri like this.
And he dance before my eyes beautifully.
I, of course, I was sober.
Still, we danced together
moth, and butterflies in parallel.
Dreams can be a bear with wings,
sometimes they bring us somewhere.

Life is not fool,
must receive the cards
that it may be at the poker table.

And I still inside position it
unfulfilled love. I have not yet learned
I play my cards without a past.
Now I miss only a new future,
a bright new day.