maanantai 30. tammikuuta 2017


Very fragile or perishable and well
fickle is the peace of the world
how to keep a good tolerance
that no one knows how
pulled honor solitaire card game of life.
There is no point to the eyes
not to close the hexagons
eyes tomorrow to pass.
Today, I am still alive,
I do not want to live in fear of vain
as well as anger, racism whip
hit us in the back there is madness
chains of unnecessary work.
I can not be silent or words
suitably arrogant. Peter Pan
went berserk fairy Tinkerbell is not
no longer happy in the air fluidized bed.
Now you do not stop this reverie
What more can be found in which the
the key still in vain to whip up hatred,
and blind like headless chickens
run around the garden.