sunnuntai 1. tammikuuta 2017

Racking love

Folds soon be dark, and the new
newborn child is without
the name would you like to be still
child and intently
suck a lollipop?
January and tighten badly
the brow bone, I look forward to is the second yearn
feelings as early as spring. I do not have the courage
love you recognize,
it too often is not enough that the
the second to love. Not if
does not get a response.
Inside of me I feel the futility of
rustling, ego broods
crazy rebellion. Lips
slowly swinging there is no sound
just a quiet murmuring.
One wrong decision, and you are
neck all the way down in the quagmire
my thoughts are floating
in that the brain in the cranial
photo strange looks.
These days of suffering
just miss, longing, and
loneliness filled.
I do not have anything for you
good looks, inside me
I hid it completely blind
love. I give thee, thou
you do not love me part.
I am a have-not where
affection belongs to me
love is ?